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Balasore, the coastal district of Orissa is crisscrossed with perennial and estuarine rivers because of its proximity to sea. Two important rivers of Odisha , namely :- Budhabalanga and Subarnarekha have passed through this district from west to east before surging into the Bay of Bengal.The irrigation system in Balasore district is very much widespread. Industrialization is also gaining ground as the rubber, plastic,Paper and alloyes industries are mushrooming around Balasore town.

Balasore is one of the coastal district of Orissa,lies on the northern most part of the state having 21 degree 03’ to 21 degree 59’ North Latitude & 86 degree 20’ to 87 degree 29’ East Longitude. Geographical area of the district is 36, 34 Sqr. KM. Midnapore district of West Bengal is in its North, the Bay of Bengal is on the east and Bhadrak district lies on the South whereas Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar districts are on its western side. As per the 2001 Census, the population is 20,23,000 comprising 10,38,000 males and 9,85,000 females.

The climate of Balasore district is mostly hot and humid. The hot season starts from March till May and followed by rainy season from June to September. During this period, south-west monsoon causes maximum rain. But the district experiences highest rain fall during July and August. Because of its strategic location, this district faces most of the cyclonic storm and depression which is raised from the Bay of Bengal. The cold season from December to February is very pleasant. The average temperature of the district varies between 22*C to 32*C and the average rain fall is 1583 mm.

Balasore district is divided into two sub-divisions namely Balasore, and Nilagiri having 19 Police Stations,07 Tahasils for revenue and administrative purposes.Only the sub-division Nilagiri is of hilly region with hillocks and forest.For undertaking developmental works in the rural areas, the district is also divided in to 12 Blocks.Besides,there are four statutory towns consisting of 1 municipality and 3 NACs. These local bodies look into civic aspects of urban areas.

Importants monuments & places in Balasore

Chandipur Sea Beach



Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Jhadeswar Temple

Distance from Mojor city

Kolkata : 280 Km

Chennai : 1435 Km

Delhi : 1745 Km

Hyderbad : 1275 Km

Vishakhapatnam : 648 Km