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HISTORY Balasore City

Broadly Balasore District can be divided into three geographical regions, namely, the Coastal belt, the inner alluvial plain and the North-Western hills. The coastal belt is about 26 Kms wide and shapes like a strip. In this region, sand dunes are noticed along the coast with some ridges. This region is mostly flooded with brackish water of estuarine rivers which is unsuitable for cultivation. But, presently this area is utilized for coconut and betel cultivation. Shrimp culture and salt manufacturing units are also developing in this area recently. The second contiguous geographical region is deltaic alluvial plain. It is a wide stretch of highly fertiled and irrigated land. This area is highly populous and devoid of any jungle. The third region, north-western hilly region covers most of Nilgiri Sub-division. It is mostly hilly terrain and vegetated with tropical semi-ever green forest. The hills of Nilgiri has highest peak of 1783 ft. above the sea level. The Scheduled Tribe persons of the district are mostly seen in this region of valuable forest resources and stone quarries.

Balasore is one of the coastal district of Orissa,lies on the northern most part of the state having 21 degree 03’ to 21 degree 59’ North Latitude & 86 degree 20’ to 87 degree 29’ East Longitude. Geographical area of the district is 36, 34 Sqr. KM. Midnapore district of West Bengal is in its North, the Bay of Bengal is on the east and Bhadrak district lies on the South whereas Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar districts are on its western side. As per the 2001 Census, the population is 20,23,000 comprising 10,38,000 males and 9,85,000 females.

The South Eastern Railway covers a distance 102 Kms within Balasore District connecting it with Kolkata , Bhubaneswar & Chennai. Besides, National highways pass through the district and runs from Kolkata to Chennai .The National highway No.5 covers a distance 66 Kms. and National highway No.60 covers a distance 53 Kms.within Balasore is about 220 kms (by road) & 232 kms (by rail) from Kolkata and about 215 kms by road & 206 kms by rail from Bhubaneswar. The Kolkata International air port & Bhubaneswar National air port are only about four hour journey by road/rail from Balasore .

This is one of the most important district of Orissa which finds place not only in the National map but also in International map for its History ,Geographical situation, Culture, Marine development and for important institutions like Proof and Experimental establishment, Interim Test Range.

A coastal district on the north eastern Sea board Balasore has destination of having been called the “ Granary of Orissa “ with stretches of green paddy fields ,a network of rivers blue hills, extensive meadows and extraordinary breach.